51. Direct stimulation of the clitoris should be A. accompanied by moisture.B. avoided when

Question : 51. Direct stimulation of the clitoris should be A. accompanied by moisture.B. avoided when : 1411257


51. Direct stimulation of the clitoris should be 
A. accompanied by moisture.
B. avoided when a couple engages in sexual intercourse.
C. conducted with the hands but never other parts of the body.
D. gradually increased with age.

52. A recent study on kissing found that 
A. kissing has become less important over the last decade.
B. a bad kiss is a "deal breaker."
C. men put more significance on kissing as a way of assessing a potential partner.
D. estrogen in female saliva may make the couple more receptive to sex.

53. In regard to the enjoyment of cunnilingus, research suggests that 
A. most men feel negatively about performing cunnilingus on their partners.
B. most women do not find engaging in cunnilingus to be appealing to them at all.
C. lesbians are more likely satisfied with their sex lives the more often they do this.
D. engaging in this retards the experience of orgasm in the majority of women.

54. One of the most common concerns women have about cunnilingus is 
A. the risk of pregnancy.
B. whether their partner is enjoying it or not.
C. whether they will have an orgasm.
D. the risk of contracting an STD.

55. The sexual activity most commonly performed by prostitutes on men is 
A. cunnilingus.
B. intercourse.
C. fellatio.
D. strip tease.

56. When performing fellatio, care should be taken 
A. to allow the partner performing the act to control the depth of insertion.
B. to avoid stimulating the scrotum.
C. to gently scrape the teeth across the shaft.
D. to prevent ejaculate from spilling onto the partner performing the act.

57. Men who are able to provide oral stimulation to themselves are able to perform 
A. autofellatio.
B. fellalingus.
C. reciprocal fellatio.
D. orogenital self-stimulation.

58. Coitus is another name for 
A. fellatio.
B. cunnilingus.
C. sexual intercourse.
D. anal sex.

59. A disadvantage of the missionary position is that it 
A. limits the woman's control of angle, rate, and depth of penetration.
B. focuses on manual stimulation of the woman's clitoris by the man.
C. limits the woman's movement and control of stimulation.
D. reduces the sense of psychological intimacy.

60. Which position allows the LEAST opportunity for clitoral stimulation by the man? 
A. man above
B. woman above
C. facing side-to-side
D. rear entry



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