51) An appeal which attempts to stir up either negative

Question : 51) An appeal which attempts to stir up either negative : 1408438


51) An appeal which attempts to stir up either negative or positive sentiments that can motivate purchase is called a(n) ________ appeal.

A) rational

B) structural

C) emotional

D) moral

E) standard

52) Which of the following appeals is based on the idea that consumers often feel before they think?

A) emotional appeal

B) rational appeal

C) structural appeal

D) standardized appeal

E) integrated appeal

53) Moral appeals ________.

A) relate to the audience's self-interest by showing that the product will produce the desired benefits

B) attempt to stir up either negative or positive emotions that can motivate purchase

C) range from love, joy, and humor to fear and guilt

D) are directed to an audience's sense of what is "right" and "proper"

E) are based on the idea that practical benefits are more important for consumers than emotions

54) A charitable trust's appeal which states, "While you are trying to figure out what to get the man who has everything, don't forget the man who has nothing" is an example of a(n) ________ appeal.

A) structural

B) awareness

C) rational

D) moral

E) standard

55) One of the message structure issues that a marketer must handle is whether to ________.

A) draw a conclusion or not

B) make a moral appeal or not

C) use the pull strategy or push strategy

D) diversify vertically or horizontally

E) use mass marketing or niche marketing

56) A(n) ________ argument is most likely to be effective when the audience is highly educated or likely to hear opposing claims.

A) two-sided

B) one-sided

C) moral

D) emotional

E) structured

57) Which of the following advertising slogans most likely represents a two-sided argument?

A) Breakfast of champions

B) Good to the last drop

C) A diamond is forever

D) The ultimate driving machine

E) There are some things money can't buy. For everything else, there's MasterCard.

58) A marketer making decisions about the headline, copy, illustration, and colors for a print ad is determining the message ________.

A) structure

B) content

C) medium

D) channel

E) format

59) Which of the following terms best describes the channels through which two or more people communicate directly with each other, including face to face, mail, e-mail, texting, or an Internet chat?

A) unidirectional communication channel

B) offline communication channel

C) personal communication channel

D) nonverbal communication channel

E) bidirectional communication channel

60) Communication through a telephone call is considered a part of a(n) ________ communication channel.

A) online

B) nonverbal

C) personal

D) nonpersonal

E) unidirectional



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