51) A report generator a type of: A) procedural language. B) second-generation

Question : 51) A report generator a type of: A) procedural language. B) second-generation : 1927935

51) A report generator is a type of:

A) procedural language.

B) second-generation language.

C) graphics language.

D) fourth-generation language.

52) Microsoft Word is an example of:

A) open-source software.

B) word-processing software.

C) software productivity suite.

D) data management software.

53) Two categories of fourth-generation languages are:

A) graphics language and application software package.

B) utility software and computer language translation software.

C) Java and C++.

D) XML and HTML5

54) Microsoft Excel is an example of:

A) data management software.

B) spreadsheet software.

C) presentation graphics.

D) word processing software.

55) Which type of software provides more control over text and graphic placement in the layout of a page than word processing software?

A) Desktop publishing software

B) Spreadsheet software

C) Graphics software

D) Presentation software

56) The main challenge coming to Microsoft's Office software suite will be:

A) open-source, Linux-based suites such as StarOffice.

B) Web-based productivity software such as Google Apps.

C) mobile software.

D) in-house, custom software created using open-source Web services.

57) A software suite:

A) includes capabilities for presentation graphics as well as text-editing and spreadsheets.

B) provides functions to support the collaborative activities of workgroups, including software for group writing, information-sharing, and electronic meetings.

C) includes full-featured versions of application software bundled as a unit.

D) combines the functions of important PC software packages.

58) Running a Java program on a computer requires:

A) a Java virtual machine to be installed on the computer.

B) a Java virtual machine to be installed on the server hosting the Java applet.

C) an applet to be downloaded to the user's computer.

D) no extra or specialized software, as Java is platform-independent.

59) According to your reading of the chapter opening case, which new hardware technology did BART utilize to more closely match its computing power and storage capacities to its real needs?

A) Green computing

B) Cloud computing

C) Virtualization

D) Grid computing

60) What is the foundation technology for Web services?





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