51. A recent study by the Centers for Disease Control and

Question : 51. A recent study by the Centers for Disease Control and : 1411211


51. A recent study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that birth rates for U.S. teenagers 
A. are higher now than ever before.
B. are higher than ever before for Caucasians, but lower for all other ethnic groups.
C. are higher than ever before for African Americans, but lower for all other ethnic groups.
D. have reached historic lows for all age and ethnic groups.

52. The majority of unplanned teenage pregnancies result in 
A. miscarriage.
B. abortions.
C. live births.
D. It is impossible to know, as this is undocumented.

53. About what percentage of teen pregnancies are planned? 
A. 12%
B. 22%
C. 32%
D. 52%

54. Babies born to teenage mothers 
A. are more likely to be adopted by nonfamily members.
B. are more likely to have low birth weight.
C. will have ongoing contact with their fathers.
D. do just as well as babies born to older women.

55. Which of the following statements about teenage fathers is TRUE? 
A. Teen fathers are a seriously neglected group who face many hardships.
B. Teen fatherhood is not a function of any single risk factor.
C. The incidence of teenage fatherhood is lower than of teenage motherhood.
D. All of these are true

56. Teenage fatherhood is __________ than teenage motherhood. 
A. more common
B. less common
C. equally as common
D. more traumatic

57. Which of the following is TRUE regarding biological influences on homosexuality? 
A. Researchers considered hormones to be a factor in the past, but more recent research has determined that parenting style is the most influential in determining if someone is homosexual.
B. Theories suggesting biological influences on sexual orientation have been disproven.
C. Genetics appear to be involved in determining sexual orientation.
D. Scientists have isolated a specific gene which seems to be the primary factor in determining sexual orientation.

58. What effect do comprehensive sex education programs seem to have on adolescent behavior? 
A. They increase the rates of pregnancy among teens.
B. They delay the beginning of sexual activity in teens.
C. They decrease the rate of violence in the schools.
D. They result in an increase in the number of reported STIs.

59. Which of the following is TRUE about sex education programs? 
A. Abstinence-only programs have been found to be only moderately effective in reducing the number of teen pregnancies.
B. Abstinence-only programs have been found to delay the age at which teens become sexually active, but do not affect the overall rate of teen pregnancy.
C. There is no evidence that abstinence-only programs delay sex or reduce sexual behaviors discussions of the social pressures on sexual behaviors.
D. Comprehensive sex education programs have been found to cause teens to engage in sexual behaviors earlier, but they are more likely to use protection when they do.

60. A sex education program in the Dakota school district starts in kindergarten and continues through high school. It provides students information on a broad range of topics and opportunities for students to develop relationship and interpersonal skills which help them to act responsibly in sexual relationships. Which type of sexuality education program is this? 
A. developmental
B. comprehensive
C. abstinence-only
D. facilitative



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