51) A hiring freeze all of the following except: 51)

Question : 51) A hiring freeze all of the following except: 51) : 1404277



51) A hiring freeze is all of the following except:

51) ______

A) a common response to an employee surplus.

B) a strategy that most employers use initially to balance demand and supply.

C) no outsiders are hired.

D) when openings are filled by reassigning current employees.

E) a solution when demand exceeds supply.


52) Specific strategies must be formulated to balance supply and demand. Possible scenarios are:

52) ______

A) there is a shortage of labour.

B) labour supply exceeds demand.

C) expected demand matches supply.

D) supply matches expected demand.

E) all of the above.


53) You have been hired as the Director of HR at Targus Inc., a clothing retailer. Due to a reduction in consumer demand you have been asked to advise management on how to reduce the amount of staff by 5% over the next 2 years. Although a slow method for reducing numbers the option which generally presents the least amount of problems is:

53) ______

A) offering attractive early-retirement packages.

B) laying off employees.

C) offering attractive buyout packages.

D) introducing a reduced work week.

E) downsizing through attrition.


54) Drawbacks of attrition include the following:

54) ______

A) It is hard to implement.

B) It takes a short period of time.

C) It costs large sums of money.

D) Employees do not accept this strategy.

E) The organization has no control over who goes and who stays.


55) When the internal supply of employees exceeds the organization's demand, strategies used by employers include all of the following EXCEPT:

55) ______

A) downsizing through attrition.

B) laying off employees.

C) making early retirement mandatory.

D) initiating job-share positions.

E) offering attractive buyout packages.


56) You have been asked by the CEO to advise on how to reduce the workforce by 10% over the next 2 years. There is little in the budget for payment of up-front money. Which of the following would you NOT recommend?

56) ______

A) reduced work weeks

B) work sharing

C) layoffs based on reverse seniority

D) buyouts and early retirement packages

E) job sharing


57) With which of the following strategies for handling a labour surplus is the potential for a human rights violation most closely associated?

57) ______

A) job sharing

B) early retirement packages

C) reduced work weeks

D) work sharing

E) termination of employment


58) The layoff-avoidance strategy introduced by the federal government is known as:

58) ______

A) job sharing.

B) the reduced work week.

C) work sharing.

D) the early leave package.

E) supplemental unemployment benefits.


59) SUBS:

59) ______

A) are benefits that are paid indefinitely.

B) top up employment insurance.

C) increase income levels when on the job.

D) are usually provided to non-union employees.

E) decrease income levels when on the job.


60) Factors that should be taken into account when determining an appropriate severance package include all of the following EXCEPT:

60) ______

A) ethnic origin.

B) salary.

C) years of service.

D) the individual's likelihood of obtaining alternative employment.

E) age.



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