51) A code of ethics establishes the ________ that the

Question : 51) A code of ethics establishes the ________ that the : 1406406



51) A code of ethics establishes the ________ that the organization lives by.

A) policies

B) procedures

C) values

D) technologies


52) Riley Manufacturing recently developed a code of ethics. Which of the following topics is most likely covered in the document?

A) business conduct

B) fair competition

C) HR issues

D) all of the above


53) According to Walmart's code of ethics, Edward, an employee in the sales department, cannot accept gifts from suppliers because such actions would be a ________.

A) conflict of interest

B) double standard

C) regulatory breach

D) discriminatory act

54) In order to maintain the importance of a code of ethics to employees, large firms frequently ________.

A) write a code of conduct

B) send a memo to all employees

C) appoint an ethics officer

D) put the ethical code on the intranet


55) At Tyson Foods, Lily serves as the point person who guides everyone in the firm towards ethical actions. Lily most likely serves as the firm's ________.

A) chief financial officer

B) HR manager

C) ethics officer

D) safety officer


56) Which law prohibits bribes of foreign government officials or business executives?

A) Federal and Foreign Bribery Act

B) Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

C) Corruption Practices Act

D) Sarbanes-Oxley Act

57) Which quality is emphasized more than in the past for the Baldrige National Quality Award?

A) interpersonal skills

B) leadership ethics

C) personal motivation

D) community service


58) According to the text, which firm has implemented one of the nation's most comprehensive ethics programs?

A) Target

B) Walgreens

C) State Farm Insurance

D) Adolph Coors Company


59) Doug works at the Adolph Coors Company, and he is currently facing an ethical dilemma related to a hiring decision. Which of the following ethics tools is LEAST likely to be offered by Doug's firm?

A) appraisals

B) decision maps

C) detailed policies

D) interactive online courses

60) Which term refers to the application of ethical principles to human resource relationships and activities?

A) morals

B) social ethics

C) business ethics

D) human resource ethics


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