5) The city had ben warned about the aproaching storm

Question : 5) The city had ben warned about the aproaching storm : 2007964

5) The city had ben warned about the aproaching storm by Environment Canada. Which predicted gale force winds, heavy rainfall with the possibility of hail. This all began at 4 pm. The wind howling in the large trees and bushes. Then it stopped and the pounding rain started, they went on for the next 4 hours mixed with hail. Afterwards damage was assessed. Downed powerlines, flooded basements, broken tree limbs. Crews worked long hours for days afterwards. Surprisingly no one was injured bad.

6) When Doris was 19 she joined the Dolphin Players. Which produced quality plays in very small theatres in the city. She had always had an interest in drama having acted in high school productions. Not only acted but also doing costumes and makeup. Each interested her in there own way. The Dolphin Players group encouraged her to also try her hand at directing and stage managing. This helped her develop many markatable skills. At 25 she moved to New York City to become an actress. Using all her experience to get a job. She became a star on Broadway and her career lasted 20 years.

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