5. Based of Arrow's impossibility theorem" a.

Question : 5. Based of Arrow's impossibility theorem" a. : 1130

5. Based of Arrow's impossibility theorem"

a. Highest level of health, wealth and equity are achievable at the same time.

b. Societies do not necessarily have transitive preferences, even when everyone in them does.

c. Achieving an equitable health system is impossible

d. Everyting is impossible.

6. Which one is an option for health insurance market?

a. Universal public insurnace

b. compulsory Insurance

c. Employer-Sponsored insurnace

d. All of the above

7. Which problem is not an issue in a universal public insurance

a Moral Hazard

b. Adverse Selection

c. Overutilization

d. None of the above

10. Which theory does best explain the increasing trend in obesity in the past 150 years?

a. Decline in food prices

b. Changes in the food industry

c. Genetics

d. Increase in womens's labor force participation

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