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5. Analyze in detail three behavioral techniques, discussed in your textbook, which psychotherapists use to help clients change unwanted behaviors. Include key terms and definitions.

6. What basic assumptions underlie the humanist therapies? What are the goals of humanist therapy, and how does the client-centered (nondirective) approach suggest therapists can help clients reach these goals? Section: Major Schools of Psychotherapy                            Type: Conceptual                            Page(s): 597

Integrative Essay Questions: Linking the Chapters

1. One of the disorders discussed in Chapter 15 is obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). Define obsessions and compulsions. According to your textbook, what brain abnormality may be associated with OCD? Because OCD appears to involve a biological abnormality, is a biological treatment most appropriate? Support your answer with information from the PET-scan studies of people taking Prozac or receiving cognitive-behavior therapy with no medication.

2. What is a phobia? What type of phobia did 3-year-old Peter have before Mary Cover Jones was able to eliminate it? Describe her counterconditioning technique and then explain how a variation of this procedure, systematic desensitization, is used for treating phobias in adults.

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