5) 1. Sloping down from the mountains plateaus and lowlands,

Question : 5) 1. Sloping down from the mountains plateaus and lowlands, : 2007974

5) 1. Sloping down from the mountains are plateaus and lowlands, a great plain area, grassy marshlands, and beaches.

2.The island, 1, 500 km long and 20-700 km wide, located in the Arctic Archipelago is the largest in Canada, and the fifth-largest in the world.

3.Baffin Island's spectacular and complex geography, fascinating history, rich natural resources, and abundant wildlife, make it a wonder of Canada's North.

4.The Dorset were likely the first inhabitants, settling around 1, 500 years ago.

5.Although Frobisher thought he had found large gold deposits, his ore was useless; the island is, however, rich in lead, zinc, and silver deposits.

6.Geologically, a continuation of the Canadian Shield, the island has a kind of mountainous 'spine'.

7.Baffin Bay, between the island and Greenland, is the wintering ground for narwhal, walrus, baluga, bowhead whales, and bearded harp seals.

8.Explorers included Martin Frobisher, John Davis, William Baffin, Luke Fox, and W. E. Parry, but the island resisted accurate mapping until the late nineteenth century.

9.Canada's first National Park north of the Arctic Circle, Auyuittuq, boasts glaciers, lakes, waterfalls, and Mt. Odin, at  2, 200 metres high.

10.The island is also rich in wildlife; it is the nesting place for millions of birds, some protected in a sanctuary at Cape Dorset.

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