47.The night sky dark because the universe not infinitely old.48.The

Question : 47.The night sky dark because the universe not infinitely old.48.The : 1777278

47.The night sky is dark because the universe is not infinitely old.
48.The cosmological principle states that any observer in any galaxy will see the same general features of the universe.
49.The red shifts of the galaxies imply that the universe is expanding and that we are at the center.
50.During its early history, matter dominated the universe.
51.Most of the elements heavier than helium were made during the first few minutes after the big bang.
52.If the average density of the universe is less than the critical density, the universe is open.
53.The deuterium in distant quasars and in the interstellar medium suggests that the universe is open.
54.If the density of the universe is equal to the critical density, and H equals 50 km/sec/Mpc, then the true age of the universe is 13.3 billion years.
55.According to the steady state theory, the universe did not expand.
56.The inflationary theory of the universe may explain why the background radiation is so isotropic.
57.The rate of expansion of the universe is currently increasing.

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