47.Entrepreneurs possess all of the following traits EXCEPT ________. a.tolerance for

Question : 47.Entrepreneurs possess all of the following traits EXCEPT ________. a.tolerance for : 1442394


47.Entrepreneurs possess all of the following traits EXCEPT ________.

a.tolerance for ambiguity


c.low self-confidence


48.An overall idea for how to convert a business idea into a success is called ________.


b.internal locus of control


d.tolerance for ambiguity

49.All of the following are important characteristics of entrepreneurs EXCEPT:

a.tolerance for failure.

b.internal locus of control.


d.dependence on others.

50.Which of the following persons is LEAST likely to become an entrepreneur?

a.An intelligent person

b.An inquisitive person

c.A flexible person

d.A calm, low-energy person

51.Elian wants to start a business. He takes a personality test and discovers he possesses a trait that may reduce the likelihood he will succeed. Which of the following is that trait?


b.low tolerance for risk


d.internal locus of control

52.Studies indicate that most entrepreneurs spend ______ on their new business.

a.less than 30 hours a week

b.about 40 hours per week

c.more than 60 hours per week

d.weekends only

53.Paterno routinely bids on contracts even though most of the other bidders are extremely large firms. Paterno believes his company offers better service at lower prices. He is exhibiting which personality trait common in entrepreneurs?


b.tolerance for failure

c.high energy level


54.Which of the following statements best describes how entrepreneurs view failure?

a.They enjoy risk and gambling.

b.They don’t worry about failing because something better always comes along.

c.They view failure as a learning experience.

d.They worry that if they fail they’ll never get another opportunity.

55.Katherine is a successful entrepreneur. She stays close to her customers and is constantly looking for effective strategies. She is also willing to make adjustments when necessary. Katherine is demonstrating ________.

a.internal locus of control



d.tolerance for ambiguity

56.Logan is an entrepreneur who takes personal responsibility for the success or failure of his actions rather than believing in luck or fate. Which characteristic best describes Logan’s entrepreneurial philosophy?

a.internal locus of control

b.need to achieve

c.tolerance for failure

d.tolerance for ambiguity



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