45) Which of the following will lead to the failure

Question : 45) Which of the following will lead to the failure : 1914772

45) Which of the following will lead to the failure of a plan?

A) Corporate planning is integrated into the total management system.

B) In starting formal planning, too much is attempted at once.

C) There is clarity of understanding of the different steps of the planning process.

D) Responsibility of the planning process is shared by all departments.

E) Management knows that the plans developed will require huge efforts in order to be successful.

46) Which of the following is NOT a reason for failure of plans?

A) Responsibility for planning is wrongly vested solely in the planning department.

B) Management expects that plans developed will be realized with little effort.

C) Financial projections are confused with planning.

D) Adequate inputs are used in the planning.

E) Management fails to grasp the overall planning process.

47) ________ is the process of development of proposed action that will furnish sufficient and appropriate organizational resources for reaching established organizational objectives.

A) Input planning

B) Regenerative planning

C) Forecast planning

D) Batch planning

E) Community planning

48) Planning for plant facilities and human resources are instances of ________.

A) process planning

B) input planning

C) community planning

D) environmental planning

E) system planning

49) BBM Inc. is a consumer electronics giant based in the U.S. Unlike most of its competitors, the company recently chose to set up its manufacturing unit in Finland instead of China. Which of the following, if true, would most strengthen this decision?

A) China offers a large talent pool of highly skilled, but low cost labor.

B) The Finnish government encourages domestic businesses and provides them with ample financial support.

C) Research suggests that consumers have a negative perception of goods that are manufactured in China.

D) BBM was recently fined by the government for dumping its products in developing countries.

E) Suppliers in China have lower bargaining power than those in Finland.

50) When selecting a site for their new plant, company management is interested in gaining information about the competitive situation that exists at the site. Which area of consideration is management looking into when selecting the new site?

A) operating costs

B) investment cost

C) profit

D) community relations

E) transportation

51) Before zeroing in on the new site, the management of a company decided to check whether there were good schools which the children of their employees' could attend. The company was trying to check out the ________ of the new site.

A) living condition

B) degree of unionization

C) community relations

D) labor condition

E) transportation facility

52) Which of the following is the first step in the human resource planning process?

A) developing human resource programs

B) assessing organizational objectives and plans

C) determining human resource requirements

D) preparing a human resource inventory

E) determining net human resource requirements

53) In the human resource planning process, after determining the human resource requirements, managers should ________.

A) contract, expand, or adjust the human resource programs

B) assess organizational objectives and plans

C) prepare a human resource inventory

D) determine net human resource requirements

E) develop human resource programs

54) The two most important planning tools are ________.

A) forecasting and scheduling

B) forecasting and routing

C) designing and scheduling

D) routing and designing

E) procuring and simulating

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