43) Which organizational myth not supported by the experiences of

Question : 43) Which organizational myth not supported by the experiences of : 1400082


43) Which organizational myth is not supported by the experiences of companies such as Arthur Andersen, Borders Group, Enron and Circuit City?

A) Strong organizational culture will always prevail.

B) A brilliant business plan will lead to success.

C) Customers are always right.

D) Too big to fail


44) What is the meaning behind the statement, "Too big to fail"?

A) Large organizations that dominate the industry can make management mistakes but still survive.

B) Small to medium organizations are not as innovative as large companies and hence not as successful.

C) Large companies are more customer responsive than small companies.

D) History has shown that large companies rarely fail.


45) What did the effect of a volcanic eruption in Iceland on production of Nissans in a plant in Japan illustrate?

A) how much organizations depend on their banks

B) how much organizations depend on their external environment

C) how much organizations depend on corporate culture

D) how much organizations depend on a strong brand image

46) Which components of the external environment of the BMW plant in Spartanburg, South Carolina were disrupted by the volcanic eruption in Eyjafjallajökull, Iceland?

A) the demographic and global components

B) the political and legal components

C) the economic and global components

D) the sociocultural and demographic components


47) Which of the following is not involved with the demographic component of an organization's external environment?

A) values

B) gender

C) race

D) income


48) A ban on gay marriage is an example of a change in which components of an organization's external environment?

A) political/legal and technological

B) economic and demographic

C) sociocultural and global

D) sociocultural and political/legal

49) Which event triggered the recent recession that began in 2008?

A) Consumers were unwilling to purchase electronic equipment.

B) Businesses were unable to make loan payments.

C) Homeowners were unable to make mortgage payments.

D) Renters were unable to find available housing.


50) Which of the following contributed most to many companies becoming highly leveraged in the lead-up to the recent economic downturn in 2008?

A) high interest rates

B) low interest rates

C) limited liquidity

D) no liquidity


51) Which of the following has been identified as a significant risk to business leaders in the next decade?

A) stagnation in technology

B) income disparity

C) declining birth rates

D) political instability

52) According to polls, which percent of adults believe that economic inequality is not a problem at all?

A) 90

B) 50

C) 30

D) 10



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