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43. Which of the following is an example of a complex physically based attribute that buyers will consider when buying a car?

A. Power

B. Price

C. Size

D. Roominess



44. Which of the following is an example of an essentially abstract attribute that buyers will consider when buying a car?

A. Roominess

B. Price

C. Power

D. Prestige



45. Click Phones Inc. manufactures user-friendly cell phones. High user-friendliness has led to high demand for the company’s phones among older consumers. In this case, user-friendliness is an example of a _____ attribute.

A. complex physically based

B. essentially abstract

C. price-based

D. simple physically based



46. Which of the following is the first step in the product positioning process?

A. Identifying determinant attributes to define product space

B. Collecting information from a sample of customers

C. Analyzing intensity of a product’s current position

D. Identifying relevant set of competitive products



47. Positioning analysis at the product category level examines customer perceptions about:

A. new applications for existing products.

B. types of products customers might consider as substitutes.

C. a brand compared to other existing brands.

D. types of products users might consider to complement the product category.



48. Positron Computers Inc. uses technologies such as braille mirroring, which enables visually impaired individuals to use computers. The company uses this special technology to position the product. Identify the attribute the company is using in this case to position the product.

A. Comparison

B. Manufacturing process

C. Feature

D. Ingredient



49. A popular movie actor promotes a camera and its various features. Which of the following attributes is used in this instance?

A. Endorsement

B. Comparison

C. Ingredients

D. Manufacturing process



50. Infinitea Ltd. stresses that their tea helps people get rid of excessive weight and increases concentration skills. Which of the following attributes is emphasized in this instance?

A. Comparison

B. Usage

C. Benefit

D. Parentage



51. Arrow Bank has instructed its employees to take printouts only when it is essential and customers are given e-statements instead of paper statements. The company advertises this aspect of business and markets itself as a green company. The company is using _____ positioning in this case.

A. endorsement

B. proenvironment

C. ingredient

D. comparison



52. Sunshine Supermarket positions itself as a store that provides the least expensive household products. Which of the following attributes is used in positioning the goods of the store?

A. Ingredients

B. Price

C. Parentage

D. Manufacturing process




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