41.The Wagner Act established the first minimum wage for workers. 42.One

Question : 41.The Wagner Act established the first minimum wage for workers. 42.One : 1407045


41.The Wagner Act established the first minimum wage for workers. 

42.One goal of the Landrum-Griffin Act was to clean up union corruption. 

43.The Norris-LaGuardia Act prohibited courts from issuing injunctions against nonviolent union activities. 

44.The National Labor Relations Act gave employees the right to form and join labor organizations and the right to engage in activities such as strikes and boycotts. 

45.The Taft-Hartley Act strengthened unions by giving them the right to engage in featherbedding and secondary boycotts. 

46.The Taft-Hartley Act allowed states to pass laws that prohibited compulsory union membership. 

47.The Taft-Hartley Act gave more power to management. 

48.Under the Wagner Act, the National Labor Relations Board can establish a labor union in an organization if it finds evidence of substantial labor abuse within that organization. 

49.The NLRB (National Labor Relations Board) has created procedures that union advocates must follow in order to organize a union at a place of business. The multi-step procedure culminates with a secret vote by the employees of the organization. 

50.The NLRB oversees the decertification of unions. An employer (the company owners) can petition and seek the signatures of 30% of the employees in order to decertify the union; in other words, officially, the union could no longer represent the employees in any bargaining negotiations. 



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