41.The two important environmental trends that influence a firm’s choice

Question : 41.The two important environmental trends that influence a firm’s choice : 1413273


41.The two important environmental trends that influence a firm’s choice and use of international corporate-level strategies are _________ and ____________.

a.culture; geographic scope

b.cost; quality

c.regionalization; globalization

d.liability of foreignness; regionalization

42.Disney suffered lawsuits in France at Disneyland Paris as a result of the lack of fit between its transferred personnel policies and the French employees charged to enact them.  This is an example of

a.the effects of regionalization.

b.the risks of a multidomestic strategy.

c.the liability of foreignness.

d.the effect of demand conditions.

43._______________________ is the set of costs associated with unfamiliar operating environments; economic, administrative and cultural differences; and the challenges of coordination over distances.

a.transnational risk


c.liability of foreignness

d.international risk

44.Associations such as the European Union, Organization of American States, and the North American Free Trade Association, encourage

a.global strategies.


c.regional strategies.


45.A firm may narrow its focus to a specific region of the world

a.because that market is most different from its domestic market and so represents an unexploited “greenfield opportunity” for its products.

b.in order to obtain greater economies of scale.

c.so that it can better understand the cultures, legal and social norms, and other factors that are important for effective competition in those markets.

d.to take advantage of limited protections of intellectual property so that it can manufacture innovative products without restrictions.

46.Skaredykat Inc. is considering initial expansion beyond its home market. The firm has decided not to enter markets that differ greatly from its home market, instead expanding within the twelve-nation region that includes its home country.

a.The firm is not engaging in international trade.

b.The firm is using a regional approach to international expansion.

c.The firm will not be able understand the cultures, legal and social norms of this market.

d.Skaredykat is a scaredy-cat.

47.Most firms enter international markets sequentially, introducing their ____ first.

a.most innovative products

b.largest and strongest lines of business

c.most generic products, which will be more likely to generate universal product demand,

d.products customized to the region

48.A U.S. manufacturer of adaptive devices for persons with disabilities is considering expanding internationally. It is a fairly small company, but it is looking for growth opportunities. This company should primarily consider the option of



c.a strategic alliance.

d.a greenfield venture.

49.The choices that a firm has for entering the international market include all of the following EXCEPT





50.The problems associated with exporting include

a.merging corporate cultures.

b.a partner’s incompatibility.

c.difficulty in negotiating relationships.

d.high transportation costs and the expense of tariffs.



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