41.Sally has a problem. Her two marketing managers at odds

Question : 41.Sally has a problem. Her two marketing managers at odds : 1410254



41.Sally has a problem. Her two marketing managers are at odds because each approaches the same problem from two radically different points of view. She knows this is normal because there will be a constant tension between the formulated side of marketing and the ________.

product value

competitor side

customer side

overall cost leadership

creative side




42.Michael Porter suggests four basic competitive positioning strategies that companies can follow—three winning strategies and one losing one. Which of the following are considered winning strategies?

Middle-of-the-roader, focus, and overall cost leadership

Focus, differentiation, and middle-of-the-roader

Overall cost leadership, differentiation, and middle-of-the-roader

Overall cost leadership, differentiation, and focus

Differentiation, operational excellence, and focus




43.WalMart, Texas Instruments, and Dell all achieve the lowest production and distribution costs to win a large market share. They utilize a(n) ________ strategy very effectively.

overall cost leadership




customer intimacy




44.Companies that pursue a clear strategy will likely perform well. Firms that do not pursue a clear strategy are called ________.

challenger risk-takers




overall cost leaders




45.Sears and Holiday Inn encountered difficult times because they did not stand out as the lowest in cost, highest in perceived value, or best in serving some market segment. Both companies are ________.


challenger risk-takers

middle-of-the roaders






46.Companies can pursue any of the following three strategies, called value disciplines, for delivering superior customer value:

operational excellence, overall cost leadership, and differentiation

customer intimacy, operational excellence, and focus

employee relations, product leadership, and overall cost leadership

product leadership, customer intimacy, and focus

operational excellence, customer intimacy, and product leadership




47.When a company provides superior value by leading its industry in price and convenience, it has obtained what is called ________.

product leadership

employee excellence

operational excellence

employee intimacy

cost leadership




48.Walmart, Dell, and WestJet serve customers who want reliable, good-quality products or services, but who want them cheaply and easily. They are all known for pursuing a value discipline known as ________.

operational excellence

customer intimacy


product leadership

marketing insight




49.When customers are willing to pay a premium to get precisely what they want and the company can respond quickly to satisfy customer needs, the company has achieved what is called ________.

customer intimacy

employee intimacy

operational excellence

promotional intimacy

marketing intelligence




50.Lexus, American Express, British Airways, and Ritz-Carlton Hotels will do almost anything to build long-term customer loyalty and to capture customer lifetime value. These companies are pursuing which of the following competitive marketing strategies?

Employee intimacy

Operational excellence


Product leadership

Customer intimacy





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