41.Databases containing both current and historical information called a.data warehouses. b.data mines. c.data

Question : 41.Databases containing both current and historical information called a.data warehouses. b.data mines. c.data : 1774323

41.Databases containing both current and historical information are called

a.data warehouses.

b.data mines.

c.data portals.

d.expert systems.

e.data models.

42.Greg’s Grocery Store is testing a new form of easy-pay system where shoppers can use a portable, self-scanning, handheld scanner to record purchases as they fill their carts.  This wireless form of data capture is another example for the necessity of a(n)

a.data warehouse.

b.data mine.

c.expert system.

d.data portal.

e.expert portal.

43.Databases allow information to be shared easily.  Such accessibility poses a privacy

issue for




d.Both a and b have privacy issues.

e.Both b and c have privacy issues.

44.Data should only be added to a DSS database if they

a.do not violate privacy protection.

b.are relevant marketing data.

c.can be put into a truly accessible form.

d.All of the above are reasons to add data to a DSS database.

e.Only b and c are reasons to add data to a DSS database.

45.The manager of Arthur’s Auto Center, while looking at the customer database, has a preconceived idea of how the database works and is able to see the interesting and worthwhile applications of the data.  Such an idea is called a(n)






46.The Daily World newspaper has an advanced decision support system that tracks the addresses of all subscribers.  Using this database, the manager plans to manipulate the information to determine which areas of town should be targeted for potential customers.  Such __________ will help the manager gain a better understanding of an important marketing issue for The Daily World.






47.The stop-and-go chain of convenient stores uses scanners that provide massive amounts of data to the marketing managers.  Since it would take so much time for even well-trained analysts to summarize the major trends of the data, the store uses a computer-based artificial intelligence system to attempt to model how experts process information to solve problems.  Such a system is a(n)

a.model system.

b.data system.

c.support system.

d.expert system.

e.dialog system.

48.Which of the following is true of dialog systems?

a.They put data at the decision maker’s fingertips.

b.They include large amounts of data gathered from a single source.

c.They allow managers to interact with programmers to request data.

d.Both a and b are true.

e.Only b and c are true.

49.All of the following are true of the CIO EXCEPT:

a.He or she serves as the liaison between the firm’s top management and its information systems department.

b.He or she is much more concerned with the firm’s outlook than with daily activities of a department.

c.He or she typically knows more about the business in general than the managers of the information systems department.

d.All of the above statements are true regarding the CIO.

e.All of the above statements are false regarding the CIO.

50.One of an organization’s greatest assets can be what its people know about customers, its products, and its marketplace.  An effort to systematically collect such information and make it accessible to others is

a.data mining.

b.knowledge management.

c.parallel processing.

d.intellectual accounting.

e.human resourcing.

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