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41.Cognitive conflict is another name for c-type conflict.

42.The nominal group technique typically produces poorer quality decisions than does either the devil’s advocacy or the dialectical inquiry approach.

43.Because it is a time-consuming, labor-intensive, and expensive process, the Delphi technique is best reserved for important long-term issues and problems.

44.According to the What Really Works, “Devil’s Advocacy, Dialectical Inquiry, and Considering Negative Consequences,” well-structured problems can be solved with programmed decisions that ignore negative consequences.

45.Devil’s advocacy and dialectical inquiry are two methods that introduce structured a-type conflict into the group decision-making process.

46.If available time is limited, then you should use the stepladder technique for decision making.

47.Face-to-face brainstorming is a much more effective method for generating alternatives than electronic brainstorming.

48.Production blocking and evaluation apprehension are both disadvantages associated with electronic brainstorming.

49.In electronic brainstorming, the number and quality of ideas generally increase with group size.



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