41) Where the population in Vietnam concentrated? A) in the mountains

Question : 41) Where the population in Vietnam concentrated? A) in the mountains : 2039771

41) Where is the population in Vietnam concentrated?

A) in the mountains bordering Laos

B) in the deltas of the Mekong and Red Rivers

C) on the central coastal plain

D) in the north, near the Chinese border

E) near its borders with Laos and Cambodia

42) Where is the population of mainland Southeast Asia concentrated?

A) in the mountains

B) along the coasts

C) along river deltas

D) near the centers of their respective countries

E) at the edges of forest regions

43) What is the most densely settled island of the Philippines?

A) Mindanao

B) Samar

C) Negros

D) Luzon

E) Palawan

44) Irian Jaya

A) is the president of Indonesia.

B) is the name of the southernmost island of the Philippines.

C) is the Malaysian name for that country's portion of the island of Borneo.

D) is the western-most island of Malaysia.

E) is the sparsely settled Indonesian half of New Guinea.

45) What is the most densely settled island of Indonesia?

A) Borneo

B) Java

C) Sumatra

D) Bali

E) Luzon

46) How does your textbook characterize the settlement pattern in Southeast Asia?

A) relatively sparsely settled

B) extremely sparsely settled

C) relatively densely settled

D) extremely densely settled

E) densely settled on the mainland, sparsely settled on the islands

47) Which of the following factors helps to explain the historical lack of settlement in Southeast Asia?

A) tremendous out-migration

B) infertile soil

C) lack of transportation system in the region

D) centuries of civil war

E) all of the above

48) In what Southeast Asian country is transmigration most common, and a policy of the national government?

A) Cambodia

B) Malaysia

C) Philippines

D) Indonesia

E) Thailand

49) What country near the region of Southeast Asia has sent a very large number of immigrants to Southeast Asia?

A) China

B) Japan

C) New Zealand

D) Papua-New Guinea

E) Tasmania

50) What is the major reason for animosity toward Chinese immigrants in the countries of Southeast Asia?

A) Many of Chinese immigrants are rather prosperous compared to the locals.

B) Many Chinese immigrants continue to spread communist propaganda throughout the region.

C) Chinese immigrants believe that they are racially superior to Southeast Asians.

D) Chinese communities in Southeast Asia are very poor and are placing an economic burden on Southeast Asian taxpayers.

E) Chinese immigrants are willing to work for very low wages, and are taking jobs away from the citizens of Southeast Asian countries.

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