41) Where do Australian cities tend to be located? A) in

Question : 41) Where do Australian cities tend to be located? A) in : 2039789

41) Where do Australian cities tend to be located?

A) in the country's interior

B) on the western margin of the country

C) on the northern portion of the country

D) along the coasts

E) in the country's mountainous region

42) In what part of Australia do most of its people live?

A) southeast

B) southwest

C) northwest

D) northeast

E) the Outback

43) Why did South Asians migrate to Fiji?

A) They had committed crimes in India, and came as prisoners.

B) to fill labor shortages in the sugarcane fields

C) They came to colonize Fiji.

D) They were fleeing civil war in India.

E) They came as a result of a government policy in India to relieve overcrowding.

44) Where did Australia's Aborigine population originate?

A) New Zealand

B) Southeast Asia

C) East Asia

D) Polynesia

E) Latin America

45) By approximately what year was Australia settled by Aborigines?

A) 2500 B.C.

B) 1200 B.C.

C) 200 B.C.

D) 400 A.D.

E) 1200 A.D.

46) Of the following places in Australia/Oceania, which was the first to be settled by humans?

A) Australia

B) New Zealand

C) Fiji

D) Hawaii

E) Cook Islands

47) Where did European colonization of Australia and Oceania begin?

A) New Zealand's North Island

B) Australia

C) the Cook Islands

D) the Marshall Islands

E) Fiji

48) How long ago did the ancestors of Australia's aboriginal population make their way to Australia?

A) 400 years ago

B) 4,000 years ago

C) 40,000 years ago

D) 400,000 years ago

E) 40 million years ago

49) Why have residents of the Marshall Islands been displaced over the past few decades?

A) the legacy of nuclear testing

B) the destruction of the vegetative cover because of poor livestock grazing practices

C) a series of tsunamis that devastated the islands

D) climatic change that led to a long-term drought

E) a government policy of transmigration

50) What is the most urbanized country in the Australia/Oceania region?

A) Australia

B) Samoa

C) Vanuatu

D) New Caledonia

E) Marshall Islands

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