41._____ those costs that difficult to measure in monetary terms. a.Intangible

Question : 41._____ those costs that difficult to measure in monetary terms. a.Intangible : 1525105



41._____ are those costs that are difficult to measure in monetary terms.

a.Intangible costsb.Direct costs

c.Tangible costsd.Fixed costs

42.Newtech Inc. hires John for the position of a software programmer to work on their new project. Salary paid to John by Newtech Inc. would be an example of _____ costs.



43.Indirect costs are:

a.directly related to performing the project.

b.those that cannot be allocated to projects.

c.those that can be easily controlled by managers.

d.not directly related to the products or services of a project.

44.Soles is a footwear company which has recently set up its store in Ambrosia. To manufacture its products, Soles incurs a range of different costs. Which of the following would be an example of an indirect cost?

a.Cost of machines to produce shoes

b.Salary paid to factory workers

c.Electricity used to run its factories

d.Cost of leather used to manufacture shoes

45.Good Earth, a company manufacturing packaged food products, sets up its stores in Baltonia. However, a year later, the company closes the store down due to high operating costs. In such a scenario, the money spent in paying for the rent of the store in Baltonia would be an example of _____ costs.



46.Which of the following is true of contingency reserves?

a.They allow for future situations that can be partially planned for.

b.They are also known as unknown unknowns.

c.They are not included in a cost baseline.

d.They allow for dollar amounts to be used to cover existing, fixed costs.

47.Which of the following reserves allows for future situations that are unpredictable?

a.Contingency reservesb.Management reserves

c.Known unknownsd.Cost baseline reserves

48.The first step in project cost management is:

a.to allocate project cost estimates to individual material resources.

b.to plan how costs will be managed.

c.to control project costs and monitor cost performance.

d.to develop several estimates of costs for different types of resources.

49.Which of the following is true of a rough order of magnitude estimate?

a.It is used to allocate money into an organization’s budget.

b.It provides an estimate of what a project will cost.

c.Its timeframe is always less than a year prior to project completion.

d.It is a type of estimate that is done in the final stages of a project.

50.A rough order of magnitude estimate can be referred to as a _____ estimate.




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