41) The temporary arrangement of independent companies, suppliers, and free

Question : 41) The temporary arrangement of independent companies, suppliers, and free : 1419052


41) The temporary arrangement of independent companies, suppliers, and free agents for the purpose of completing a task or project is best known as a(n) ________ organization.

A) virtual

B) independent

C) decentralized

D) international

42) Some MNEs that have tried contemporary structures have run into problems, most notably ________.

A) frequent managerial intervention in decision making

B) relentless centralization of decision making

C) employees too motivated by bonuses

D) resource competition

43) A hyperarchy is ________.

A) a form of structure with precise superior and subordinate relationships

B) a form of structure that relies on extensive centralization

C) a large-scale, self-organizing community

D) analogous to a hierarchy

44) Coordination refers to ________.

A) linking various value activities within an organization

B) identifying the span of control within an organization

C) portioning the performance of specific tasks

D) assigning tasks to qualified managers

45) Which of the following is NOT one of the three prevalent approaches to coordination?

A) standardization

B) mutual adjustment

C) adaptation

D) planning

46) Patrons of McDonald's can enter the restaurant located in any part of the world and expect to see employees wearing the same uniforms and menus offering the same products. McDonald's most likely uses which system of coordination?

A) standardization

B) consensus

C) plan

D) adaptation

47) Which of the following begins with a company defining critical success factors and specifying objective targets and hard deadlines?

A) coordination by standardization

B) coordination by consensus

C) coordination by plan

D) coordination by intervention

48) Abel Enterprises has implemented a system based on coordination by mutual adjustment. Which of the following would most likely be used by Abel Enterprises?

A) strict scheduling

B) social networking

C) synchronized training

D) centralized decision making

49) Three types of control systems are used in MNEs. These are ________.

A) market control, bureaucratic control, and clan control

B) standardization control, adjustment control, and clan control

C) market control, adjustment control, and clan control

D) planning control, market control, and clan control

50) Falcon Enterprises is an MNE that uses price competition and relative market share to establish internal performance benchmarks and standards. The firm is most likely applying a system of ________.

A) bureaucratic control

B) market control

C) standardization control

D) clan control



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