41) The five girls agreed __________ themselves that the choice

Question : 41) The five girls agreed __________ themselves that the choice : 2007961

41) The five girls agreed __________ themselves that the choice was __________ the first and second apartments they'd seen.

A) between, between

B) between, among

C) among, among

D) among, between

42) The __________ of housing on the market varies from time to time, but the __________ of new housing starts can stay the same for many months.

A) amount, number

B) amount, amount

C) number, number

D) number, amount

43) The teacher __________ the student on a test well done.

A) complimented

B) complemented

44) After Danny put the chocolate bar in his pocket without paying for it, his __________ started to bother him.

A) conscious

B) conscience

45) He was sad that they had to __________ the game on a penalty kick.

A) loose

B) lose

46) My assignment took longer __________ Jill's.

A) then

B) than

47) They decided to keep the secret __________ the two of them while they were __________ various other members of the family.

A) among, among

B) among, between

C) between, between

D) between, among

48) That shirt __________ the colour of your eyes.

A) compliments

B) complements

49) He wandered down the street and __________ realized he'd forgotten to bring the directions.

A) than

B) then

50) Because of the small __________ of time he had to do the test, the __________ of questions he could finish was very small.

A) amount, amount

B) amount, number

C) number, number

D) number, amount

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