41) Purchasing computing power from a central computing service and

Question : 41) Purchasing computing power from a central computing service and : 1927934

41) Purchasing computing power from a central computing service and paying only for the amount of computing power used is commonly referred to as:

A) grid computing.

B) utility computing.

C) client/server computing.

D) autonomic computing.

42) An example of autonomic computing is:

A) virus protection software that runs and updates itself automatically.

B) software programmed to run on any hardware platform.

C) cell phones taking on the functions of handheld computers.

D) programming languages that allow non-programmers to create custom applications.

43) An industry-wide effort to develop systems that can configure, optimize, tune, and heal themselves when broken, and protect themselves from outside intruders and self-destruction is called:

A) grid computing.

B) utility computing.

C) cloud computing.

D) autonomic computing.

44) Which of the following types of computer would you use to support a computer network?

A) Server

B) Mainframe

C) Workstation


45) The interactive, multiuser operating system developed by Bell Laboratories in 1969 to be highly supportive of communications and networking is:


B) Linux.

C) Mac OS.


46) Virtualization:

A) allows one operating system to manage several physical machines.

B) has enabled microprocessor manufacturers to reduce the size of transistors to the width of an atom.

C) can boost server utilization rates to 70% or higher.

D) allows smartphones to run full-fledged operating systems.

47) Which of the following is not one of the most important four programming languages for business?

A) Java

B) C++


D) Visual Basic

48) Linux is:

A) primarily concerned with the tasks of end users.

B) designed for specific machines and specific microprocessors.

C) an example of open-source software.

D) especially useful for processing numeric data.

49) Linux plays a major role in supporting business information systems, and has garnered about ________ of the U.S. server market.

A) 10 percent

B) 25 percent

C) 50 percent

D) 80 percent

50) Languages that enable a user to make requests using conversational commands resembling human speech are called:

A) query languages.

B) natural languages.

C) fourth-generation languages.

D) nonprocedural languages.

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