41. Professional baseball players often travel from coast to coast.

Question : 41. Professional baseball players often travel from coast to coast. : 1411886


41. Professional baseball players often travel from coast to coast. Which chemical in the body may be responsible for the fatigue that many of these players face on their first day in a new city?

A. Serotonin

B. Dopamine

C. Cortisol

D. Acetylcholine

42. Jet lag can be best explained by:

A. the elevation of serotonin in the suprachiasmatic nucleus.

B. the dramatic changes in environmental stimuli.

C. dietary changes.

D. the effect of time shifts on circadian rhythm.

43. Rebecca lives in Boston. Her friend, Serena, just flew in from Denver. To help Serena adjust to the new time zone, Rebecca should:

A. give Serena a lot of coffee.

B. let her sleep all day.

C. offer her a dose of melatonin.

D. take her to a movie to keep her out of the sunlight.

44. George has a history exam the next day, so he has been studying hard. If he wants to remember most of what he has studied, he should:

A. go to sleep rather than staying awake all night.

B. keep studying through the night.

C. take a break and watch some TV rather than studying all night.

D. eat a large meal to help him stay awake.

45. Psychological research on sleep and memory has found that staying up all night to study for an exam is likely to:

A. increase memory retention.

B. lower memory retention.

C. improve brain function as well as test scores.

D. reduce brain function but not test scores.

46. Sleep deprivation has been shown to:

A. increase the inability to sustain attention.

B. reduce the complexity of brain activity.

C. increase the difficulty in making healthy choices.

D. All of these.

47. _____ is a disorder, caused by a genetic mutation, involving a progressive inability to sleep.

A. Sleep paralysis

B. Fatal familial insomnia

C. Sleep apnea

D. Narcolepsy

48. The waves associated with relaxation or drowsiness are called _____ waves.

A. alpha

B. beta

C. theta

D. delta

49. Jennifer has decided to go to bed early. Although her eyes are closed and she is very relaxed, she has not yet fallen asleep. An electroencephalograph (EEG) is most likely to indicate the presence of:

A. delta waves.

B. alpha waves.

C. sleep spindles.

D. rapid eye movements.

50. Electroencephalographs (EEGs) of individuals in stage 1 sleep are characterized by _____ waves.

A. beta

B. delta

C. alpha

D. theta



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