4.1   Multiple Choice Questions 1) A group of cells that similar

Question : 4.1   Multiple Choice Questions 1) A group of cells that similar : 1402897


4.1   Multiple Choice Questions


1) A group of cells that are similar in structure and work together to perform a common function are referred to as a(n)

A) organ system

B) tissue

C) organ

D) community

E) organism


2) The tissue lining the mouth, organs of the digestive system, and inner surfaces of the lungs is classified as

A) connective

B) epithelial

C) nervous

D) muscle

E) connective and nervous


3) Which one of the following types of junctions in an epithelium allows the tissue to stretch and bend, as in the epithelium of the skin?

A) tight junction

B) adhesion junction

C) glandular junction

D) stratified junction

E) gap junction


4) Which one of the following is TRUE regarding endocrine glands?

A) As the body matures, endocrine glands develop from specialized exocrine glands.

B) Endocrine glands empty their products into a duct.

C) Examples of endocrine glands include sweat glands and salivary glands.

D) Endocrine glands are connective tissues that are specialized to produce and secrete a product.

E) Endocrine glands produce and secrete hormones.

5) Which one of the following is characteristic of an exocrine gland but NOT of an endocrine gland?

A) produces hormones

B) can generate and transmit nerve impulses

C) releases its products into a duct

D) releases gland products into the blood

E) is composed entirely of connective tissue


6) Which one of the following is found directly beneath the cells of an epithelial tissue?

A) fibrous connective tissue

B) basement membrane

C) collagen and elastic fibers

D) bi or multipolar extensions

E) muscle tissue


7) What kind of cells make up the basement membrane?

A) cuboidal epithelial cells

B) squamous epithelial cells

C) columnar epithelial cells

D) connective tissue cells

E) no cells, the basement membrane is an acellular structure, composed of protein


8) A student in a histology class was asked to describe the structure of a stratified squamous epithelium. Which one of the following is the best description?

A) tissue composed of protein fibers in a ground substance and a few cells

B) tissue composed of one layer of flat cells located on a basement membrane

C) tissue composed of contracting protein fibers enclosed by plasma membranes

D) tissue composed of several layers of tall cells resting on a basement membrane

E) tissue composed of several layers of flat cells resting on a basement membrane


9) In regions of the human body that must precisely control what enters or exits tissues, which one of the following is(are) present to ensure adjacent cells are packed close together?

A) basement membrane

B) adhesion junctions

C) collagen

D) tight junctions

E) gap junctions

10) Goblet cells are critical to the movement of food in the body because they

A) secrete mucus in the digestive tract

B) produce basement membrane for epithelial tissues

C) synthesize cholesterol

D) form gap junctions

E) produce sodium-potassium pumps




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