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41) Jackson’s view of the presidency was that: A) it

Question : 41) Jackson’s view of the presidency was that: A) it : 1666774


41) Jackson’s view of the presidency was that: A) it symbolized the popular will.

B)he answered to no one.

C)it was like a monarchy.

D)he served the Congress.

42) John Tyler became president:

A)by winning the election of 1840.

B)through a “corrupt bargain” with Henry Clay.

C)after William Henry Harrison died in office.

D)by winning the election of 1836.

43) Most states lowered property qualifications for voting because: A) democratizing ideals had become widespread.

B)different parties or factions vied for more votes.

C)most people owned little property in the new states.

D)it helped to attract new settlers from elsewhere.

44) The essay Exposition and Protest was directed against a certain “abomination.” Who was the author and what was the abomination? A) John Marshall and Jackson’s defiance of him

B)Jackson against Biddle and the National Bank

C)John C. Calhoun and the Tariff of 1828

D)Henry Clay and Jackson’s Bank recharter veto

45) The force in Jackson’s Force Bill was using military power to:  A) enforce the Specie Circular.

B)protect pro-slavery settlers in the West.

C)remove the Five Civilized Tribes to the west.

D)enforce the collection of tariff duties.

46) Which of the following is the RESULT of the other three?

A)Jackson’s defiance of the Supreme Court

B)the “Trail of Tears”

C)Jackson’s support of improper calls by states to remove the Cherokees

D)Southern states invalidate federal treaties

47) Which of the following was the RESULT of the other three?

A)National Bank calls in commercial loans

B)Jackson issues the Specie Circular

C)the Panic of 1837

D)foreign investors call in American loans

48) Tyler’s presidency would be best described as: A) contentious and unsuccessful.

B)moderate and conciliatory.

C)overshadowed by the Panic of 1873.

D)establishing the Whigs as the dominant party for decades to come.

49) If you were a former Federalist in 1836–1840, you would most likely: A) be a Whig.

B)vote for Van Buren.

C)be a Democrat.

D)oppose the Bank recharter.

50) In what way did William Henry Harrison most resemble Andrew Jackson?

A)both were Whigs

B)both were Democrats

C)both were heroes of the War of 1812

D)both died in office



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