41. In Docter & Prince's study (1997) of over 1,000 cross-dressing

Question : 41. In Docter & Prince's study (1997) of over 1,000 cross-dressing : 1411273


41. In Docter & Prince's study (1997) of over 1,000 cross-dressing individuals (excluding drag queens and female impersonators), what percentage of the males identified as heterosexual? 
A. 60%
B. 65%
C. 76%
D. 87%

42. Scott is a gay man who cross dresses to entertain. Scott could be called a 
A. nonfetishistic transvestite.
B. transvestic fetishist.
C. drag queen.
D. nonparaphilic transvestite.

43. Which of the following statements about transvestism is FALSE? 
A. People with transvestic fetishism are considered to be paraphiliacs.
B. The vast majority of transvestites are heterosexual.
C. Many transvestites are or have been married.
D. Most transvestites seek sex-change surgery.

44. The usual goal for treatment of transvestism is 
A. cessation of the behavior.
B. the consideration of surgery to make anatomy congruent with clothing preferences.
C. to help the client accept the cross-dressing.
D. becoming part of the transvestite subculture.

45. Which of the following is NOT considered a coercive paraphilia? 
A. zoophilia
B. voyeurism
C. exhibitionism
D. bondage and discipline

46. Zoophilia is 
A. deriving sexual excitement by watching animals mate.
B. deriving sexual pleasure from animals.
C. extreme identification with a member of the animal kingdom.
D. a preference for associating with animals instead of human beings.

47. Seth genuinely cares about his animals, yet he derives sexual pleasure from having sexual contact with them. Seth is practicing 
A. zoophilia
B. kennelism
C. bestiality
D. klismaphilia

48. Which group is most likely to have sexual relations with animals? 
A. Adolescents.
B. Females reared on farms.
C. Males lacking human partners.
D. Women with several cats.

49. Roger collects pictures of female nudes and X-rated videos. He frequents topless bars, strip shows, and even live sex shows. Sam hides in trees and outside open windows to watch women undress and engage in sex. In our society, Roger would be considered __________, and Sam would be considered __________. 
A. normal; voyeuristic
B. voyeuristic; a person with a paraphilia
C. a person with a paraphilia; mentally disturbed
D. perverted; exhibitionistic

50. A "peeping Tom" would be diagnosed in the DSM-IV-TR as a(n) 
A. exhibitionist.
B. pedophile.
C. sexual masochist.
D. voyeur.



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