41) In advertisements aimed at different countries, companies sometimes use

Question : 41) In advertisements aimed at different countries, companies sometimes use : 1419067


41) In advertisements aimed at different countries, companies sometimes use actors who do not speak, along with a voice and/or print overlay. What is the main reason for doing this?

A) avoiding dubbing that does not correspond to lip movements

B) altering themes and messages among countries

C) meeting legal requirements for having ads in local official languages

D) reaching a hearing-or sight-impaired audience

42) All of the following are problems of using a worldwide brand EXCEPT which one?

A) Brand names may carry a different association in another language.

B) Pronunciation may be difficult in another language.

C) Acquired brand names cannot be legally changed.

D) Pictogram alphabets need visual appeal in addition to phonetic appeal.

43) Which of the following statements is most likely true?

A) Consumers believe that imported products are better than locally made products.

B) Brand names have little impact on perceptions about a product's country-of-origin.

C) Consumers in most countries favor locally made products over imported products.

D) A positive brand image helps overcome negative perceptions about a product's country-of-origin.

44) Which of the following names is considered generic and may be used in international marketing?

A) Cornish hen

B) Roquefort cheese

C) Kleenex tissues

D) Chianti wine

45) The importance of using a brand to convey the perception of whether a firm will deliver what it promises is more critical in ________.

A) countries without strong trademark protection

B) selling to mass markets than in selling to niche markets

C) countries with strong cultural characteristics of uncertainty avoidance

D) selling industrial products than final consumer products

46) All of the following are true about distribution concerns when marketing internationally EXCEPT which one?

A) Geographic barriers may divide countries into very distinct markets.

B) In some countries, few potential sales lie outside the large metropolitan areas.

C) Each country has its own distribution system, making standardization of distribution difficult.

D) Because most foreign consumers are easily presold by advertising messages, it is difficult to convince retailers to offer good service.

47) Ampco Industries has a production facility in an area of India in which roads are poorly maintained and dangerous. What part of Ampco's marketing mix do these conditions most likely affect?

A) distribution

B) branding

C) product standardization

D) promotion

48) Which of the following is true concerning countries' distribution systems?

A) They reflect the economic levels of countries, so countries at similar economic levels have similar distribution systems.

B) They are difficult to change because they have evolved over time, reflecting countries' cultural, economic, and legal environments.

C) They are more similar among countries than pricing and promotional systems are.

D) When standardized, they offer more cost savings for international companies than when products are standardized.

49) Distribution is the course that goods take between ________ and ________.

A) suppliers; producers

B) producers; intermediaries

C) producers; consumers

D) suppliers; consumers

50) Tori handles distribution for QNR Lighting, an international firm. Tori needs to determine whether the firm should handle its own distribution or have another company handle distribution. Which of the following would most likely indicate that QNR should handle its own distribution?

A) high-volume sales and non-complex after-sales servicing

B) local customers and low-tech products

C) low sales volume and few business-to-business sales

D) global customers and high technology



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