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41) In 1846, Congressman David Wilmot, a Pennsylvania Democrat, proposed that: A) the United States incorporate all of Mexico into its borders.

B)each territory acquired from Mexico could make their own decisions about slavery.

C)the United States acquire Cuba from Spain.

D)slavery be banned from any territory acquired from Mexico.

42) In general, Free-Soilers were: A) anti-black.


C)in favor of annexation of Texas.

D)abolitionists. Answer: A

43) The doctrine of “popular sovereignty” meant that:

A)Congress didn’t know how to resolve sectional differences.

B)Northern values of freedom and individualism could not survive if slavery spread.

C)banning slavery from the territories meant keeping out blacks in general.

D)democracy was incompatible with republicanism.

44) In the election of 1848:

A)both Cass and Taylor took deliberately vague positions on slavery in the territories.

B)Cass strongly opposed the annexation of California.

C)Taylor proposed the doctrine of “popular sovereignty.”

D)the Free Soil Party demanded the extension of slavery to all territories.

45) As a result of the Gold Rush, what town grew into a city of 35,000 almost overnight?

A)San Diego

B)Los Angeles


D)San Francisco

46) In 1848, the Liberty Party demonstrated that:

A)third parties can’t win elections but can decide the outcome.

B)Americans have no interest in third parties.

C)most white Americans rejected the party’s racism.

D)parties that take decisive stands on the issues win elections.

47) The greatest spur to exploration of the North American continent from the 1670s to the 1840s was a quest for:  A) farm lands.

B)pasture lands.



48) Which of the following explorers is NOT correctly paired with the area explored for the U.S.?

A)Pike, Colorado

B)Frémont, Texas

C)Smith, California

D)Lewis and Clark, Louisiana Purchase

49) The expeditions of Lewis and Clark, Pike and Frémont demonstrate that the main force driving western expansion was: A) the federal government.

B)private business.

C)state governments.

D)individual initiative.

50) Which of the following was NOT a reason that the Indians lost the northern half of Indian Territory from the 1820s to the 1850s?

A)faster than expected white westward expansion

B)expanding railroads

C)violent internal Indian warfare

D)pressure from whites seeking for land



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