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41) Complicating the efforts of the abolitionists was their: A)

Question : 41) Complicating the efforts of the abolitionists was their: A) : 1666788


41) Complicating the efforts of the abolitionists was their: A) lack of focus.

B)lack of moral fervor.

C)disagreement on the status of free blacks.

D)excessive deference to the feelings of slaveowners.

42) The formation of the Liberty Party showed that the majority of abolitionists: A) rejected party politics.

B)did not really support black equality.

C)opposed the Underground Railroad.

D)felt party politics was the best way to achieve their goals.

43) Before becoming active in the women’s rights movement, the Grimké sisters were already well known as:

A)temperance reformers.


C)anti-prostitution activists.

D)evangelical preachers.

44) The “Burned-Over District” in New York got its name as a seedbed of: A) economic protest.

B)anti-black violence.

C)industrial innovation.

D)religious and reform movements.

45) The largest groups of immigrants who came to the United States before the Civil War were from:

A)Ireland and Germany.

B)England and Scotland.

C)Italy and Poland.

D)Africa and West Indies.

46) You would be LEAST likely to find German immigrants settling in one of the agricultural communities in: A) Ohio.




47) Irish immigrants had at least one characteristic they shared with “old” Americans: A) most were Catholic.

B)they were hostile to free blacks.

C)they had access to skilled professions.

D)they quickly forgot their ethnic origins.

48) Joseph Smith is most closely associated with what area of reform?




D)public education

49) With which reform movement is Horace Mann most closely associated?

A)women’s rights

B)public education



50) If you were a liberal reformer in the 1840s, you would probably send your sons and daughters to this college.

A)Mount Holyoke

B)William and Mary





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