41) Best practices for career Web sites include: 41) ______

Question : 41) Best practices for career Web sites include: 41) ______ : 1404289



41) Best practices for career Web sites include:

41) ______

A) using an ASP.

B) using print along with the Web site.

C) embellishing business prospects.

D) having a direct link from the homepage to the career page.

E) including a unique application for each functional area.


42) Firms use application service providers to power their career Web sites so that the company:

42) ______

A) does not have to worry about maintaining or updating the recruiting software.

B) can allow the HR department to focus on tactical recruitment efforts.

C) can reduce recruitment costs.

D) can reduce recruitment costs.

E) can worry about administering recruiting software only.


43) ASP firms provide:

43) ______

A) standardized application forms.

B) sample resumes.

C) a long list of candidates for interviews.

D) a short list of candidates for interviews.

E) resume writing workshops.


44) Corporate Web sites:

44) ______

A) are using career Web sites to advertise products or services sold.

B) are allowing streamlining of data to use in the application.

C) create different types of applications and help recruiters manage relationships with candidates.

D) are using career Web sites to position corporate brands to advertise career opportunities.

E) improve recruitment through online screening tools for communicating with candidates, thereby saving time.


45) Active job seekers:

45) ______

A) have the best access to the career Web sites.

B) must have an accessible, prominently positioned link on the homepage leading directly to the career section to make it easier for them to pursue job opportunities.

C) are not the only type of individuals to visit the career Web site.

D) are known as "passive" job seekers.

E) are the individuals that visit the career Web sites.


46) Best practices for career Web sites include:

46) ______

A) presenting material in large blocks of text.

B) allowing no third-party sources of information.

C) focusing on easy navigation but not allowing fast download times.

D) trying to personalize each job seeker's experience.

E) flashy design.


47) The four-point guide should be used to construct an ad. The guide is called:

47) ______

A) DA.

B) PA.



E) none of the above.


48) To achieve optimum results from an ad, the ad should:

48) ______

A) appear in the classified ads.

B) create desire for the job.

C) name whom to call.

D) tell people where to apply.

E) none of the above.


49) Blind ads:

49) ______

A) are the same as want ads.

B) do not allow a job seeker to unknowingly send a resume to the firm at which they are currently employed.

C) are always used if the position is still staffed.

D) allow for confidentiality for the hiring firm.

E) are favoured by job seekers.


50) Which of the following is an advantage of using advertising as a recruitment method?

50) ______

A) advertising reduces costs associated with recruitment

B) advertising saves time in the process

C) advertising allows employers to reach a diverse group of job applicants

D) advertising allows job seekers to respond very quickly

E) there is no advantage



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