41) An IT analyst a business and IT professional who

Question : 41) An IT analyst a business and IT professional who : 1869668

41) An IT analyst is a business and IT professional who sits on the executive board and is an active participant in organizational strategic planning.

42) International ERP solutions are designed to work with multiple currencies.

43) Intel and AMD are some of the top vendors of ERP products.

44) Infor is known primarily for its retail-oriented ERP software.

45) All the ERP products of Microsoft Dynamics are well integrated with Microsoft Office and Microsoft's development languages.

46) Oracle is the gold standard of ERP products and offers the most expensive of ERP products.

47) SAP produces and sells cost-specific platforms to speed up the configuration process.

48) A configuration is a distinct and logical grouping of processes.

49) Prior to SAP, early ERP programs were customized products where companies wrote their own programs to support their own processes.

50) The SAP Business Suite runs on an application platform called NetSuite.

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