41) All of the following reasons that employers may include

Question : 41) All of the following reasons that employers may include : 1404301



41) All of the following are reasons that employers may include a medical examination as a step in the selection process EXCEPT:

41) ______

A) to provide documentation to justify not hiring a qualified individual with a physical disability that would prevent him or her from performing the essential job duties.

B) to establish a baseline for future insurance or compensation claims.

C) to determine that the applicant qualifies for the physical requirements of the position.

D) to reduce absenteeism and accidents.

E) There are no exceptions listed above.


42) The purpose of pre-employment substance abuse testing is to:

42) ______

A) test mental abilities.

B) reduce accidents.

C) avoid hiring employees who would pose unnecessary risks to themselves or others.

D) address absenteeism.

E) determine that the applicant qualifies for the physical requirements of the position.


43) All of the following statements about selection interviews are true EXCEPT:

43) ______

A) Interviews enable the employer to fill in information gaps.

B) Interview objectives include providing job applicants with information about expected duties of the position.

C) The interview is used by virtually all organizations for selection purposes.

D) Interviews significantly affect job applicants' views of the job and firm.

E) Interviews are conducted following testing in a majority of firms.


44) All of the following are common interviewer objectives EXCEPT:

44) ______

A) selling their skills.

B) promoting the organization.

C) assessing applicants' qualifications.

D) providing candidates with information about the job.

E) observing interpersonal skills.


45) The interview technique that involves questions being asked as they come to mind is known as:

45) ______

A) directive.

B) unstructured.

C) mixed.

D) sequential.

E) structured.


46) The interview format that may seem quite mechanical to all concerned is known as:

46) ______

A) structured.

B) nondirective.

C) stress-producing.

D) unstructured.

E) mixed.


47) The interview format that yields comparable answers and in-depth insights is known as:

47) ______

A) situational.

B) behavioural.

C) patterned.

D) mixed.

E) stress-producing.


48) Which interview format involves a series of preset questions asked of all candidates and a series of preset candidate-specific questions?

48) ______

A) situational

B) mixed

C) behavioural

D) structured

E) nondirective


49) A recent study of 92 real employment interviews found that the interviewers using ________ of structure in the interview process evaluated applicant's ________ than those who used unstructured interviews.

49) ______

A) high levels; less favourably

B) low levels; less favourably

C) mixed levels; less favourably

D) high levels; more favourably

E) mixed levels; more favourably


50) Asking an applicant how he or she would handle a situation where his/her manager assigned work with competing deadlines would be an example of which interview technique?

50) ______

A) nondirective

B) structured

C) behavioural

D) situational

E) stress



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