41. According to Piaget, the stage at which people develop

Question : 41. According to Piaget, the stage at which people develop : 1997991

41. According to Piaget, the stage at which people develop the ability to think abstractly is called the

a)concrete operational stage.

b)preoperational stage.

c)formal operational stage.

d)theory of mind.

42. Piaget proposed that children reach the formal operational stage of development around age





43. According to Piaget, what do adolescents employ during the formal operational stage of development that helps them reason differently than children in the concrete development stage?

a)prefrontal cortex

b)additionally myelinated neurons

c)propositional thought

d)trial and error experience from previous years

44. While Piaget proposed that formal operational thought is not fully settled in until around 15 years of age, evidence suggests that some people never fully employ formal operational thinking. Studies show that only _________ of college students and adults achieve formal operational thinking, and other estimates run as low as

a)40% to 60%; 25%.

b)30% to 50%; 25%.

c)25% to 50%; 10%.

d)50% to 75%; 40%.

45. The model of development that seeks to identify the way that individuals take in, use, and store information is called

a)concrete operational thought.


c)formal operational thought.

d)the information processing perspective.

46. According to information processing explanations of cognitive development during adolescence, one of the most important reasons for advances in mental abilities is the growth of

a)myelination in the brain.

b)neural connectivity in the prefrontal cortex.

c)memory capacity.


47. Which of the following terms relates to the knowledge that people have about their own thinking processes, and their ability to monitor their cognition?




d)formal operational thought

48. When an adolescent’s newly sophisticated metacognitive capability enables him/her to construct elaborate scenarios about others’ thoughts, this is known as


b)adolescent egocentrism.


d)formal operational thought disorder.

49. The state of self-absorption in which the world is viewed as focused on oneself is referred to as

a)formal operational thought disorder.


c)adolescent egocentrism.


50. Fifteen-year-old Lawrence thought he had prepared for his final exams; however, when he got his scores he was disappointed. Rather than reviewing the areas of the test where he did not fare so well, Lawrence confronted his teacher with a verbal lashing and accused the teacher of being “out to get” him. Lawrence’s behavior could be considered an example of


b)a psychological disorder.

c)adolescent egocentrism.


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