41) A ________ contains from 50 to 100 stores, like

Question : 41) A ________ contains from 50 to 100 stores, like : 1408418


41) A ________ contains from 50 to 100 stores, is like a covered mini-downtown, and attracts customers from a wide area.

A) community shopping center

B) neighborhood shopping center

C) central business district

D) regional shopping center

E) strip mall

42) A ________ contains between 15 and 50 retail stores, including a department or variety store, a supermarket, specialty stores, professional offices, and sometimes a bank.

A) community shopping center

B) neighborhood shopping center

C) strip mall

D) regional shopping center

E) power center

43) A ________ generally contains between 5 and 15 stores. It is close and convenient for consumers, usually contains a supermarket, perhaps a discount store, and several service stores such as dry cleaner, drugstore, and hardware store.

A) regional shopping center

B) community shopping center

C) neighborhood shopping center

D) warehouse club

E) factory outlet

44) Most shopping centers are ________.

A) strip malls

B) regional shopping malls

C) community shopping centers

D) lifestyle centers

E) power centers

45) Neighborhood shopping centers are also known as ________.

A) power centers

B) lifestyle centers

C) warehouse clubs

D) strip malls

E) regional shopping centers

46) ________ are huge unenclosed shopping centers consisting of a long strip of retail stores, including at least one large, freestanding anchor store like Walmart. Each store has its own entrance with parking directly in front for shoppers who wish to visit only one store.

A) Shopping malls

B) Power centers

C) Superstores

D) Chain stores

E) Regional shopping centers

47) A small, open-air mall with upscale stores, convenient locations, and nonretail activities, such as a playground, skating rink, hotel, dining establishments, and a movie theater, is an example of a(n) ________.

A) regional shopping center

B) lifestyle center

C) community shopping center

D) franchise

E) power center

48) Many retailers are now experimenting with limited-time shops that let them promote their brands to seasonal shoppers and create buzz in busy areas. Which of the following terms best represents such shops?

A) power centers

B) strip malls

C) pop-up stores

D) category killers

E) lifestyle centers

49) Target recently opened temporary shops to celebrate limited-run collections by Jason Wu in Toronto and Missoni in New York. These temporary shops are examples of ________

A) lifestyle centers

B) pop-up stores

C) warehouse clubs

D) strip malls

E) category killers

50) With their size and buying power, ________ can offer better merchandise selections, good service, and strong price savings to consumers.

A) convenience stores

B) franchises

C) megaretailers

D) power centers

E) lifestyle centers



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