41) "Uncontacted peoples" cultural groups that have yet to be

Question : 41) "Uncontacted peoples" cultural groups that have yet to be : 2039799

41) "Uncontacted peoples" are cultural groups that have yet to be "discovered" by the Western world.

42) The majority of Australia's population trace their roots to Germany.

43) The Maori have a greater impact on New Zealand than the Aborigines do in Australia.

44) In the Australia/Oceania region, anthropologists have the greatest chance of finding "uncontacted peoples" on Fiji.

45) European colonization of the region of Australia/Oceania began in Tasmania.

46) In recent years, Australia has been called to mediate disputes in Oceania.

47) Indo-Fijians dominate the commercial life on the island of Fiji.

48) Lead, silver, copper, and gold are mined in Australia.

49) Phosphates are mined extensively on the island of Nauru in Micronesia.

50) Recently, Papua New Guinea has shifted its economy to mining.

51) Sugar is a major export from Fiji.

52) Australia's largest copper, silver, lead, and gold mines are located in New South Wales and Queensland.

53) One would most likely find Australia's viticulture in the continent's interior.

54) Samoa has the nickname "Jewel of French Polynesia."

55) Mining is most important for Australia's economy.

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