4) 1. The chimp then appears to recognize the connection

Question : 4) 1. The chimp then appears to recognize the connection : 2007973

4) 1. The chimp then appears to recognize the connection between its behaviour and that of the stranger in the mirror.

2.The chimp examines itself in the mirror, looking at parts it can't normally see, such as lips and gums.

3.According to recent research, chimpanzees, among the higher primates, have one of the highest levels of self-awareness.

4.In the next stage, the chimp turns its attention to itself.

5.When a chimpanzee first sees its reflection in the mirror, it will behave as if it were encountering another chimp.

6.However, when mirrors are placed in a cage of macaques, each monkey will continue to act as if it were confronting another macaque.

7.Self-awareness and other observed behaviours put chimps closer to human beings than most of the primate family.

8.Researchers conclude from this difference that chimps, therefore,  have a higher level of self-awareness than macaques.

9.Other observations of primate behaviour don't offer as clear-cut a demonstration of chimp self-awareness.

10.Observing the reactions and behaviours of different members of the monkey family to mirror images of themselves has lead the researchers to this conclusion.

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