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3.How has technology affected small businesses?If you opened your own business, give examples of two ways in which you would use technology in your company that you feel are critical to small business success in today’s world.Explain. (Bloom’s: comprehension, application)

4.Discuss the different risks facing someone who is creating a new business on their own and someone who is buying an existing small business. What risks will both new business owners face?Compare the advantages and disadvantages of each option.Which would you rather do and why? (Bloom’s: comprehension, analysis)

5.Businesses, especially small businesses, often compete for customers through customer experience—customer service, quality of the experience, or exceeding the customer expectations.Imagine that you open your own business. Identify how you could build a competitive advantage by offering a better customer experience.Be specific.What would your business offer customers that would entice them to buy from you instead of your competitors? (Bloom’s: synthesis)

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