39) Motivation NOT ________. A) a permanent personal trait B) a process

Question : 39) Motivation NOT ________. A) a permanent personal trait B) a process : 1400246


39) Motivation is NOT ________.

A) a permanent personal trait

B) a process that leads to a goal

C) something that varies from situation to situation

D) something that requires a direction

40) Which element of motivation is a measure of intensity or drive?

A) direction

B) energy

C) persistence

D) achievement


41) The direction of an individual's motivation can be channeled to benefit ________.

A) only an organization

B) both individuals and/or organizations

C) only an individual

D) an individual's family only


42) About ________ of the U.S. workforce is excited about work.

A) one-quarter

B) one-half

C) a little over half

D) about three-quarters

43) Maslow's theory is a hierarchy because ________.

A) all needs are equal

B) all needs are important

C) needs are satisfied sequentially

D) needs are never truly satisfied


44) Maslow sees food as being on the same level of need as which of the following?

A) sex

B) companionship

C) self-esteem

D) personal safety


45) According to Maslow, a person stranded on a desert island would ________ before he or she worried about making weapons.

A) look for other people

B) build a house

C) start a family

D) establish his or her status on the island

46) An individual who wants to buy a home in a neighborhood with a low crime rate is satisfying which need?

A) esteem

B) safety

C) physiological

D) self-actualization


47) Maslow argued that once a need is substantially satisfied, ________.

A) the next need becomes dominant

B) individuals no longer require that need

C) that need continues to be the primary motivation of an individual

D) it becomes a higher-order need

48) Maslow believes that higher-order needs ________.

A) are satisfied externally

B) are satisfied first

C) are satisfied internally

D) are satisfied most often



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