36. Which of the following not a typical use of

Question : 36. Which of the following not a typical use of : 1800956

36. Which of the following is not a typical use of an ethics reporting mechanism?

A. To provide interpretations of proper ethical behavior involving conflicts of interest and the appropriateness of gift giving.

B. To give employees an opportunity to discuss the appropriate rating on their annual performance reviews without management’s influence.

C. To create an avenue to make known to the proper authorities allegations of unethical conduct.

D. To give employees and other corporate stakeholders a way to discover general information about a wide range of work-related topics.

37. Typically, ethics training is offered to:

A. Managers.

B. To the rank-and-file.

C. Both managers and the rank-and-file.

D. The Board of Directors only.

38. Which of the following is a typical practice in an ethics audit procedure?

A. The auditor notes any deviations from the company’s ethics standards that become evident during the ethics audit.

B. The auditor brings deviations to the attention of the audit supervisor.

C. Department managers are required to file a report with the auditor on the corrective action they took to deal with the deviation.

D. All of the above.

39. The critical component in installing an effective ethics program is:

A. To allow all employees the freedom to act as they wish.

B.  In hiring an expensive ethics consultant.

C. The integration of various ethics safeguards into a comprehensive program.

D. Maintaining the position as the industry sales leader.

40. Ethisphere Magazine recognizes and rewards ethical leadership and business practices worldwide according to their:

A. Regulatory Percentage Track (RPT).

B. Ethics and Leadership Radar (ELR).

C. Quality Measurement (QM).

D. Ethical Quotient (EQ).

41. Recipients of the corporate ethics awards show that:

A. Awards are based on economic power, not ethical performance.

B. Firms can be financially successful and ethically focused.

C. Being legally compliant results in receiving an ethics award.

D. Improving ethical performance is very costly, but bolsters a firm’s reputation.

42. One of the most widespread and potentially powerful efforts to combat bribery was initiated by:

A. The Global Forum on Fighting Corruption.

B. The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.

C. International Labour Organization.

D. The U.S. Foreign Corrupt Policy Act.

43. Which U.S. Act prohibits executives representing U.S.-based companies from paying bribes to foreign government officials, political parties, or political candidates:

A. The USA Patriot Act.

B. The UK Bribery Act.

C. The Corruption of Foreign Officials Act.

D. The U.S. Foreign ¬Corrupt Practices Act.

44. The Interactive Digital Software Association case exemplifies:

A. The idea that laws can not always define proper action.

B. The idea that ethical principles are broader than laws.

C. Industries preempting legislation and voluntarily adopting ethically based practices.

D. All of the above.

45. Which of the following is not an example of a white-collar crime?


B.Check fraud.


D.Money laundering.

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