351.Bob says he has achieved his "dream job." As an

Question : 351.Bob says he has achieved his "dream job." As an : 1407030


351.Bob says he has achieved his "dream job." As an engineer for a major defense systems company, he is responsible for using sophisticated airplane and weaponry equipment that creates the exact conditions that a professional may experience if he/she uses the equipment in a real-life situation. He spends several hours each day performing __________. 

A. vestibule training exercises

B. apprenticeship training exercises

C. distance learning training exercises

D. simulation training exercises

352.At Washington Seat Belt Industries, new workers are immediately assigned to jobs. They learn by doing the actual work and by watching longer-term employees. This company uses a policy of: 

A. vertical assimilation.

B. on-the-job training.

C. operational apprenticeships.

D. vestibule training.

353.Julie Daniels recently became a member of the Plumbers Union. She has been told she will work with John Weimeister, a skilled and experienced plumber, for at least three years in order to learn all of the skills and techniques of her craft. This type of training is referred to as: 

A. skill replication.

B. applied supervision.

C. apprenticeship training.

D. vestibule training.

354.Before American Road Builders, Inc., permits its new employees to operate the heavy equipment it uses to build roads, it sends them to a nearby classroom where they learn the safe and proper way to work with all of the tools and equipment they will use when they perform their jobs. American Road Builders is using a training technique known as: 

A. vestibule training.

B. offline training.

C. job replication.

D. modular training.

355.Greg, a control room engineer at Tri-State Power, Inc.'s nuclear power plant regularly practices handling emergency situations in a computerized mockup that duplicates the sights, sounds, and experiences of a real control room under emergency conditions. Tri-State uses _______ to train its engineers. 

A. time intensive training

B. job replication

C. vestibule training

D. job simulation

356.Jake accepted a management trainee position at Opelika Resorts, a real estate development company. Corporate management believes Jake has potential to move into a top management position within the organization. They have begun assigning Jake to a different department every few months so he can obtain the broad perspective needed by top managers. This company is using ______________ to develop Jake's management skills. 

A. job rotation

B. multitasking

C. understudying

D. cross-functional management

357.Julie Jahn recently began working in an entry-level management position. She has already shown great promise, so the company has decided to groom her for an upper-level position. Christine Scheid, one of the more senior women managers in the company, has agreed to help Julie by introducing her to the right people, and by providing her with the guidance and advice she needs to be successful within the firm. Christine is acting as Julie's: 

A. mentor.

B. assimilation assistant.

C. transfer agent.

D. network captain.

358.If you aspire to become a sous chef, you will pursue several types of training and development. Your __________ will include learning how to perform as a line chef, as you work your way through pastry, grill, pantry, and sauté. The only way you will learn the variations in the line jobs is to experience them! As a(n) _______, you will work alongside another sous chef for a few years in order to learn how to juggle all the middle-management type of activities expected of this professional. Your ____________ training will be extensive, as you go to culinary school, attend a community college, and/or take management classes to help you learn to minimize conflict in the kitchen as well as improve the productivity of those you manage. 

A. apprenticeship; journeyman; online

B. apprenticeship; simulator; off-the-job

C. job rotation; apprentice; off-the-job

D. on-the-job training; journeyman; vestibule

359.The _____________ is an evaluation of the performance level of employees against established standards to make decisions about promotions, compensation, additional training, or firing. 

A. job analysis

B. performance appraisal

C. MBO assessment

D. objective analysis

360.The first step in the performance appraisal process is to: 

A. perform a human resource inventory.

B. establish performance standards.

C. analyze the jobs to see what tasks must be performed.

D. meet with employees and discuss the overall objectives of the firm.



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