321.Danielle relies summer earnings to fund her next year at

Question : 321.Danielle relies summer earnings to fund her next year at : 1407027


321.Danielle relies on summer earnings to fund her next year at the university. When she tried to get her old high school summer job back at local Cool Rags Clothier, she learned that the manager no longer hires college students during the summer months. Which of the following strategies do you recommend that Danielle pursue? 

A. Contact temporary staffing companies.

B. Realize that Cool Rags always needs more sales associates in the summer, and stay in contact with the management just in case.

C. Look for a permanent position, and quit as it gets closer to the time when you will return to the university.

D. Seek the services of a resume consultant, and pay to access a variety of employment tests so that you are prepared when the next job opportunity arises.

322.In just a few short weeks, Jake would arrive back in the states from his semester abroad. He was already in a temp agency's database from the previous summer, when he spent 8 weeks working for an accounting firm. Jake will again try to hire on as a ___________ during the summer months. The company that hired him last summer typically hires several college students each year, mainly because they have good computer skills, and the company does not need to offer college students benefits. 

A. contingent worker

B. intermediate worker

C. primary worker

D. apprentice

323.The purpose of ____________ is to increase an employee's ability to perform productively. 

A. training and development

B. employment tests

C. contingency planning

D. job enrichment

324.Online training courses are sometimes also called: 

A. contingency training.

B. synchronized training.

C. distance learning.

D. vestibule training.

325.The first step in establishing training and development programs is to: 

A. establish appropriate simulation parameters.

B. assess the needs of the organization and the skills of the employees.

C. conduct pre-employment tests.

D. start designing programs.

326.____________ introduces new employees to the organization, their fellow workers, their supervisors, and to the policies, practices, and objectives of the firm. 

A. Vestibule training

B. Employee initiation

C. Employee orientation

D. Job specification

327.In a(n) ______________ an inexperienced worker learns by working alongside an experienced employee to master the skills and procedures of a craft. 

A. orientation period

B. simulation period

C. indentureship program

D. apprenticeship program

328.A worker who successfully completes an apprenticeship program earns the title: 

A. master craftsman.

B. journeyman.

C. senior artisan.

D. probationary craftsman.

329.______________ is the easiest kind of training to implement, when the job requires simple tasks and/or is repetitive. 

A. Vestibule training

B. Job simulation

C. On-the-job training

D. An employee boot camp

330.Shadowing is another term used to refer to ____________. 

A. job rotation

B. vestibule training

C. role playing

D. on-the-job training



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