31.Which of the following statements about managing innovation true? a.Companies that

Question : 31.Which of the following statements about managing innovation true? a.Companies that


31.Which of the following statements about managing innovation is true?

a.Companies that manage innovation by allowing technological discontinuities risk quick organizational decline and dissolution.

b.Companies that can’t manage incremental innovation slowly deteriorate as they fall farther behind industry leaders.

c.The techniques that are effective in managing innovation after technological discontinuities are equally effective in managing innovation during periods of incremental change.

d.The management of innovation begins with dominant design.

e.All of these statements about managing innovation are true.

32.Titleist has been manufacturing golf balls for several years, but each year it comes out with new golf ball designs. Titleist’s development of the new Pro VI golf ball with a solid core that is designed to benefit players with high swing speeds is one example of how the manufacturer survives through:

a.technological discontinuity

b.discontinuous change

c.dominant design

d.incremental change

e.technological continuity

33.Companies need to excel at managing ____ in order to successfully manage innovation streams.

a.the sources of innovation

b.managing innovation during synergistic change


d.environmental design issues

e.behavioral formality

34.____ are workplace cultures in which workers perceive that new ideas are welcomed, valued, and encouraged.

a.Creative work environments

b.Innovative societies

c.Homogeneous work environments

d.Participative work teams

e.Empathetic work stations

35.Which of the following is NOT one of the components of creative work environments?

a.challenging work compensation


d.supervisory encouragement

e.organizational encouragement

36.Which of the following is a component of a creative work environment that encourages creativity?

a.challenging work

b.organizational encouragement


d.lack of organizational impediments

e.all of these

37.Kodak is a company name that is associated with photography. The company has recognized that digital photography is a threat to the future growth of the company. Therefore, the company has decided to become a market leader in digital imaging. The company can encourage the development of a culture where workers perceive new ideas are welcomed by offering challenging work and supervisory encouragement. In other words, the company can create a(n):

a.creative work environment system

c.adaptive culture

d.culture of change

e.tall structure to encourage horizontal communications

38.Hewlett-Packard is currently exploring new products and markets through the development of digital imaging products in its plants in India, South Africa, and the United States. To jump-start this innovative process, Hewlett-Packard can:

a.manage flow through the use of Gantt charts

b.concentrate on dominant design and ignore incremental design

c.engage in creative reciprocity

d.establish creative work environments none of these

39.Years ago, Jason Goldberg, T-Mobile USA’s strategic planning director, grew frustrated with the flood of unqualified applicants found on job boards and knew things had to change. So, in 2004, he developed a plan to reinvent online recruiting by combining the referring power of a social network with a recruiter’s perspective. He called his creation Jobster. This description of Goldberg’s action indicates that:

a.he has a sense of autonomy and control over his ideas

b.Jobster operates outside the innovation stream

c.he has learned to control the uncertainty of an organizational environment

d.the culture at Jobster does not support innovation

e.Jobster is probably in the faulty action stage of its organizational development

40.Which of the following is an organizational impediment to creativity in a work environment?

a.internal conflict

b.rigid management structures

c.conservative bias toward the status quo

d.power struggles

e.all of these



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