31.Which of the following NOT a criterion which companies judged

Question : 31.Which of the following NOT a criterion which companies judged : 1418670


31.Which of the following is NOT a criterion on which companies are judged when applying for the Baldrige National Quality Award?


b.business results

c.customer and market focus

d.competitive advantage

e.process management

32.Which of the following statements about the Baldrige National Quality Award is true?

a.The purpose of the Baldrige Award is to recognize all companies that operate in the business-to-business market for their achievements in quality and business performance and to raise awareness about the importance of quality and performance excellence as a competitive edge.

b.The Baldrige Award is primarily concerned with improving customer satisfaction.

c.Companies that apply for the Baldrige Award are judged on a 1,000-point scale based on three criteria: leadership, customer and market focus, and business results.

d.An emphasis on results is what differentiates the Baldrige Award from the ISO 9000 standards.

e.All of these statements about the Baldrige National Quality Award are true.

33.Which of the following statements about total quality management (TQM) is true?

a.TQM is an integrated organization-wide strategy for improving product and service quality.

b.TQM is a specific technique used to reposition a company's product so as to justify higher prices.

c.TQM is based on four mutually reinforcing principles: customer focus, customer satisfaction, participative management, and delegation.

d.TQM was developed and is monitored by the International Organization of Standards.

e.All of these statements about TQM are true.

34.According to the TQM strategy, what should be a company's primary goal?

a.customer focus and satisfaction

b.continuous improvement


d.participative management


35.Continuous improvement is typically associated with ____.

a.low morale and reduced customer satisfaction

b.a reduction in variation and higher customer satisfaction

c.batch processing and a broad chain of command

d.a flat organizational structure and a broad chain of command

e.higher customer satisfaction and a narrower chain of command

36.When a CEO of a company says that TQM ‘s payoff comes when everyone shares solutions with others, the CEO is promoting which characteristic of TQM?

a.continuous improvement

b.variation elimination


d.market focus

e.a customer orientation

37.Many organizations rely on teaming as a key to their productivity and credit their use of teams with performance improvements in such areas as efficiency and quality. This statement is another way to illustrate ____.

a.the importance of benchmarking

b.the prevalence of ISO certification

c.how restructuring leads to stakeholder satisfaction

d.the importance of morale in the creation of a positive bureaucracy

e.how teamwork can result in total quality management

38.____ is a deviation in the form, condition, or appearance of a product from the quality standard for that product.

a.Performance breakdown

b.Quality underperformance




39.The first step in the service-profit chain is the establishment of ____.

a.employee satisfaction

b.service capability

c.internal service quality

d.high value service

e.nonmonetary rewards

40.One of the key assumptions in the service business is that success depends on how well employees deliver their services to customers. However, according to the service-profit chain, success depends on ____.

a.the availability of factors of production

b.autocratic management

c.a high degree of centralization

d.how well employees are treated

e.market size



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