31.Which of the following illustrate examples of marketing? a.Taco Bell offering

Question : 31.Which of the following illustrate examples of marketing? a.Taco Bell offering : 1774315

31.Which of the following illustrate examples of marketing?

a.Taco Bell offering value menus to its customers.

b.The U.S. Postal Service exchanges postal services for stamp/mailing fees.

c.The Red Cross exchanges its services by caring for unfortunate people after a Hurricane for donations from citizens.

d.Southwest Airlines offering lower priced fares to its customers than Delta Airlines

e.All of the above illustrate examples of marketing.

32.Which of the following would find NO reason to use marketing research?

a.A large state supported university.

b.A small landscaping company in a small town.

c.A police department of a large metropolitan city.

d.A company like Proctor and Gamble that manufacturers consumer goods.

e.All of the above would find some reason to use marketing research.

33.A store manager for Kroger noticed that several of his regular customers have stopped coming to his store.  He also noticed that most of these customers had started shopping at the Walmart Supercenter that had opened about a mile from Kroger a few months ago.  The fundamental source of this marketing problem might best be described as

a.a planned change in the marketing environment.


c.an uncontrollable change in the marketing environment.

d.an planned change that occurred at the Kroger store.

e.None of the above.

34.Which of the following is NOT a potential application for marketing research principles and techniques?

a.The marketing of political candidates.

b.Conducting public opinion polls.

c.The marketing of services for the United Way.

d.Determining the type of raw materials used.

e.The needs and wants of your business customers.

35.The MAIN purpose of marketing research is:

a.To help achieve all marketing activities below their cost estimates.

b.To accurately determine consumer demand.

c.To provide a continuous flow of objective information to marketing managers.

d.To gather information to help managers make better decisions.

e.None of the above.

36.The Houston Texans have created a new sub-group within its marketing department. This sub-group’s sole responsibility is to constantly acquire information on events occurring outside the Texans’ organization in order to identify and interpret potential trends.  This new sub-group would most appropriately be engaging in

a.Public Relation

b.Internal Trend Assessment



e.Environmental scanning/analysis

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