31.The six steps in the rational decision-making process as follows:

Question : 31.The six steps in the rational decision-making process as follows:


31.The six steps in the rational decision-making process are as follows: (1) frame the problem, (2) identify decision criteria, (3) weight the criteria, (4) generate alternative courses of action, (5) evaluate each alternative, and (6) compute the optimal decision.

32.Groups can do a much better job than individuals engaged in decision-making when defining the problem and computing the optimal decision.

33.In the rational decision-making process, decision criteria must be identified and weighted before alternatives can be evaluated.

34.Relative comparisons either compare each decision criterion to a standard or rank the criteria on their own merits.

35.Both absolute comparisons and relative comparisons are methods for identifying decision criteria.

36.When generating alternative courses of action within the rational decision-making process, the identification of a relatively few alternatives will facilitate evaluation.

37.It is highly doubtful that rational decision making can always help managers choose optimal solutions that provide maximum benefits to their organizations.

38.The bounded rationality model argues that managers try to take a rational approach to decision making but are restricted by real-world constraints, incomplete and imperfect information, and their own limited decision-making capabilities.

39.Groupthink is more likely to occur in a highly cohesive group when group members feel intense pressure to agree with each other.

40.Numerous studies show that groups can find and access much more information than individuals alone.



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