31.The ____________________ the extensor muscle found in the thigh that

Question : 31.The ____________________ the extensor muscle found in the thigh that : 1417100


31.The ____________________ is the extensor muscle found in the thigh that contracts during the patellar tendon reflex.

32.In smooth muscle, Ca2+ binds with the protein ____________________, which is structurally similar to troponin.

33.The major source of calcium in smooth muscle is from the ____________________.

34.The loss of excitatory stimulation of skeletal muscles by higher brain centers is called ______ paralysis.

35.A special sensory receptor called a __________ lies within a muscle’s tendon and respond to a change in muscle tension.

36.The ability of stretched smooth muscle to rearrange its cross bridge attachments so that muscle tension decreases is called the __________ response (a two-word answer)

37.Smooth muscle can be classified as either _______ or _______, depending on its pattern of contractile activity and how its cytosolic Ca2+ increases

38.Calcium-calmodulin complexes activate enzymes called ___________, which add a phosphate to specific parts of the thick myofilaments in smooth muscle cells.

39.An exercising muscle’s inability to respond to stimulation due to a buildup of inorganic phosphate or a depletion of glycogen is called _______, whereas, it is called¬† ______¬† (two words) if it results from a lack of muscle stimulation by the nervous system.

40.Muscle spindles consists of specialized muscle fibers called _______ fibers, which lie parallel to ordinary contractile muscle fibers called ______ fibers.


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